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Best way to figure out if the FlexNet agent used to be installed on a machine?

Specifically talking about Windows machines, and primarily servers here. Is there a good way to see if a server used to have the FlexNet agent installed, on a machine that does not currently have it installed?

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I forgot to add that I have found some evidence of this on the History tab in the Inventory Device Properties, but not sure if that's a reliable source/if there's a better way. 

Not sure if there's a truly reliable way, but there should be plenty of things indicating former agent installations.

  • On the machine itself (Registry, file system, services, log files)
  • In the InventoryDB (tables Computer & InventoryReport) or perhaps if you have replication enabled
  • As mentioned by you, in the WebUI history
  • The ComplianceHistory table might even hold data for inventories no longer shown in the WebUI