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Automatic change of inventory/asset/user objects within FNMS

Hi all -

I'm looking to see if anyone else has came up with a method or if perhaps in a roadmap of FNMS (Cloud) which would allow an easier way to have inventory/assets/users have their statuses (Active, Ignored, etc.) automatically updated based on "rules". I would say this is a pretty basic function a SAM Manager would perform to keep their system "healthy" but also keep their licensing in check.

There are some creative ways with the use of a business adapter to do tasks like this, but without access to databases in the Cloud, we're a bit more limited in what can be done with that. Given also not everyone, consultant, partner, user is a guru with SQL/Business Adapter.

I've seen in other tools and solutions where the idea is a simple Web UI option to perform the basic tasks of "Inventory Management" which I would really like to see within FNMS. Something like this would save a huge amount of time of manual work or need for customization.

Some ideas or examples of what I'm looking for, possibly under "Inventory Settings/System Settings" menu, rules for these object types:

  • Discovery
    • [Checkbox] - Enable discovery management
    • [Up to 365 days] - Remove discovered devices after XX amount of days
  • Inventory
    • [Checkbox] - Enable inventory management
    • Change inventoried device status to "Ignored" after XX amount of days
    • Remove inventoried device after XX amount of days
  • Assets
    • [Checkbox] - Enable asset management
    • Any rules make sense here?
  • Users
    • [Checkbox] - Enable user management
    • Change user status to "Inactive" after XX amount of days
    • Remove user after XX amount of days


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If you are looking to request that a new feature be added to FNMS then you can post your suggestion on the blog post linked below. 

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