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Application Normalize

What is best practice for newly detected Unmanaged Applications to make authorized/Ignore/inactive

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


I would say everyone handles this differently.

  • Completely ignore application status
  • Just manage specific status values, e.g. only mark unauthorized apps
  • Manage all the values
  • Do it manually
  • Automate it
  • Any mix of the above

My best practice advice: Make sure you have a proper scope.

And also make sure to understand that some status values may change FNMS behaviour regarding these apps.

Best regards,


Hi @pkumar87 , 

Agree with @mfranz  that there is no rule here, but it does have impact on FNMS.

The FNMS capability is well positioned to support an organisations software standards programme.  But you need to be careful of owning the programme and making the decisions - unless of course this is part of the service you are offering your customer as a services vendor.

So unauthorised should match you standards committee "black list", and authorised should match your standards committee "white list".  Most customers will struggle to give you these, so you can use FNMS to provide data to start the conversation.

Attached is 2 page deck showing some advice on initial statuses and on how it can be use the statuses in FNMS.  

In green you will see I advise that Unmanaged publishers be  "defferred".  This has an impact on your management dashboard pie of licensed installations - if you are only trying to manage then top 5 vendors, then by deferring the others, they are not considered in calculation of this pie.