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All Evidences - Incorrect File Evidences

Hi All,

On some machines, Flexera "All Evidence" is reporting certain file evidences and the source is mentioned as "Local". However, upon checking the machine locally, no such file or file path was identified.

As a background, these machines have active Flexera agents installed, and it has been a couple of weeks now since I checked on the machine locally. During this while, Flexera has reconciled at least 4 times with inventory but I still see these signatures in "All Evidence" report. 

Can anyone confirm if I could be looking at stale database entries? If so, why is FNMS still reporting it and what could be the possible resolutions to tackle this problem.

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Having a source of "local" on an evidence recognition rule indicates that the rule has been created locally in your ARL. A source of "Flexera" indicates that the rule was included in the ARL published by Flexera.

The "source" property on evidence rules does not tell you much about what evidence is currently being found on computers.

See the following page for a description of the properties on file evidence rules (including the "source" property): General Tab for File Evidence (2022 R2)

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