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Agent Upgrade


  When a release mentions that it updates the agent number to x.x.x, are there actual changes pushed to the devices?


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Intrepid explorer

Re: Agent Upgrade

Hi Jeff,

Kind of - it's actually more of a pull whereby deployed agents will contact a beacon and receive a policy update which controls the agent version.  When an upgrade is available the agent will 'self-update' to match the version specified in the policy.

In FNMS you typically specify the 'approved' version of the agent - in which case all agents will self-update to adhere to policy and should result in any ‘managed’ agent being on the same version.  

In recent versions of FNMS it is possible to disable agent upgrades globally, or based on the OS of the computer – this would allow you to deploy different versions to different targets but you would be deploying the agents manually or via some other 3rd party tool.   If you then re-enabled an ‘approved’ version then all affected agents (of possibly different versions) would all self-update to the approved version.



Occasional contributor

Re: Agent Upgrade

The question is more around the footprint of the executables. Do they change, or is it a text file that may contain information that is relayed when queried about version?

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Re: Agent Upgrade

Agent version number information is stored in a range of places that are updated when an agent upgrade occurs. This includes executable files, DLLs, registry settings, and potentially other files stored on the filesystem.

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