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29 July 2021: SAM Best Practices Monthly Webinars, session 1

By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

Software asset management is a discipline with great benefits (license savings, smooth audits, automated chargeback) but also great challenges (complexity of licensing rules, number of stakeholders in the SAM processes, complexity of data).

Once a month, last Thursday, Nicolas Rousseau, Flexera Senior Product Manager, will drive the sessions and share his 20 years of experience in SAM and eight years of experience as licensing architect with Flexera Services. Guests will also present specific topics. Each hour-long session will typically cover news (10 minutes) and do a deep dive on a topic, which will be announced one week in advance.

This first session will kick off the Monthly SAM Best Practice Calls, introducing the sessions approach, the topics that will be covered (other will be added based on discussions and requests), the way you can Vote now for prioritizing your preferred topics. 

Nicolas Rousseau will also cover the first topic that is a roadmap (July for Cloud and on premise customers: 2021 R1): Oracle optimization reports that bring a new type of analysis on the Oracle Processor license consumption:

  • What are my possible optimizations on virtualized environments?
  • What would an optimal virtualized Oracle architecture look like?
  • What if I was licensing my Oracle Products, applying a vCenter level or “all vCenter” level soft partitioning rule?

This session will be hand on, with a demo that will show the reports on real data and will give pointers to the Flexera Community Knowledge Base Article that gives the implementation code for on premise customers.

Please register here to receive the webinar details!

Nicolas Rousseau
Licensing Architect
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