Change in Java recognition on Unix

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The FlexNet Manager agent has been enhanced with version 2020 R2.1 (on-premise version: 2021R1) to collect the result of the “Java -version” command ran on each java instance, to collect the build number and the path of the Java instances.

This change will allow better recognition of commercial and public versions of Unix. It will prepare for the next “Automated Management of Java embedded instances” feature that is planned for early 2022. Please note that on-premise customers can implement a published implementation that allows disabling recognition of raw evidences based on their path.


The consequence of this change is that more installations of the Java Platform (Java, JRE, JDK) will be recognized on Unix (so far, only Oracle Universal Installer evidences were recognized), and you may observe a rise in Java license consumptions.

The next step will be for you to exclude the embedded versions with the automated feature or the on-premise solutions.


To take advantage of this enhanced recognition, we recommend you upgrade to the latest FNMS Inventory agent.


When: These changes will be part of the ARL release on the 19th of November, 2021.