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In our August update of the FNMS Cloud (2019 R1.5), we've implemented a new capability as part of our “Transparency of Results” theme.

What it does:

This feature is aimed at making it easier to investigate the results of the Oracle Database Option and Management Pack license position presented in FlexNet Manager, allowing you to take any corrective actions quicker. Now you'll see all of the pieces of evidence found by FlexNet Manager and be able to see which piece of that evidence was used to determine license positions.

How it works:

The feature is implemented using a modern architecture approach, with the data residing in AWS environments. To learn more about how our data resides in the AWS environment, review this blog post: Cloud Product Migration to AWS – FAQ.

How to enable it:

We enabled this feature for all FNMS Cloud customers managing Oracle databases. You can start using it.

If you can't see this new feature, please open a support case and our team will take care of it. If you DO NOT WISH to have this feature enabled, open a support case, and we will make sure this feature is not enabled on your account.


To learn more about the different functionalities of this feature, view our demo below.



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