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Update April 7, 2022

We have retracted the Flexera Integration ScopedApp from the ServiceNow store. The version is no longer available. The upgrading was taking a long time resulting in the upgrade status not showing the process completed. We will be releasing a new version (minor) shortly which will also eliminate the use of the parent table. Apologies for any inconvenience. 


If you have already upgraded to 5.0.8 and need support then reach out to Flexera Support. 


We're happy to announce that the latest version of the ServiceNow Flexera Integration Scoped App integration (v5.0.8) has passed certification and is now available in the ServiceNow Store.


Quick facts

  • App version: 5.0.8
  • Release date on ServiceNow store: March 22,  2022
  • Supported ServiceNow version: San Diego, Rome, Quebec

What is new?

IT Visibility and Data Platform Integration

  • Enhanced ServiceNow transforms processing performance for Data Platform integration. (Data Platform 5.5.50 or newer is required to enable this enhancement.)
  • Added the option to not populate the x_fls_flexera_fnms_normalized_software_instances table when the Integrate Flexera Models/Installations in ServiceNow Native tables option is set to true on the Integration Properties page. This configuration will further decrease the processing time. 
  • Added the ability to capture and track Flexera integration performance statistics.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
    • Data Platform: Duplicate Software Installation (CMDB_SAM_SW_INSTALL table) records in ServiceNow.
    • Data Platform: Some software will not be normalized when ServiceNow or other discovery sources overwrites computer records created by Flexera.
    • IT Visibility: Added "os_domain" field in x_fls_flexera_fnms_computer view to avoid the de-dup issue.
    • IT Visibility: Some of the hardware records were getting ignored while processing into ServiceNow (IRE). 


IT Asset Management (FlexNet Manager Suite) integration

  • No FlexNet Manager Suite-related change in this release.


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