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If you've applied patch 5.5.70 in Data Platform, Normalize may fail on import with the following error when using non-numeric loader data sources like ADDM:

The Resource id of HOST should not be duplicate


If you've downloaded the 5.5.70 patch set and applied it, restore the previous resource file from the backup directory.

  1. Revert to the previous BPK file found here:
  2. Copy the BDNARES.bpk file into the bin directory, then restart Data Platform.

If you've downloaded the 5.5.70 patch set but haven't applied it, follow the steps below.

  1. Delete the file in the Update folder (C:\Program Files\BDNA\Data Platform\Update) for Data Platform.
  2. Resync Technopedia. 

Fix version and resolution

The offending changes have been rolled back and will be re-released in 5.5.71

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