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Cannot login to User Console : We receive an "Access requires authorization" page

Cannot login to User Console : We receive an "Access requires authorization" page


Customers can login to Data Platform Admin UI as usual.

However , with User console the below error page is received:


We have observed this on patch 5.5.15



In <Data Platform Install directory>/Conf/Norm.configuration.config file:

Update the value of <BI_CONFIG_NORMALIZE_BI_SERVER_URL> from "localhost" to host name or IP.

Restart Data Platform service and then try to login to User Console. This should work.


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I have observed this and it can also be resolved by un-activating and then re-activating the UC inside the Admin Console.
For me it only worked after adding the IPv4 address to the file - FQDN did not work.

I also had to use the IP address (already have a fully qualified name in that space).  Will this be addressed in an upcoming patch?

I do not see this being fixed in 5.5.17 but Data Platform team support, please confirm.

do moderators read these comments?  3 weeks and no comment to address my question... wondering what the point of this community site is.

Hi Amy,

We do apologize for the delay in response. We indeed read your comments and try to respond with any details known to us to the best of our knowledge,  to answer your questions.

In 5.5.15 we had an additional feature where AdminConsoleService.asmx requires embedded authorization. Some customers reported this issue and hence a workaround was provided to help get past the error. Not all customers had this issue after the patch, hence this was not addressed in our recent patches as the scope of the issue was unknown.

I see you have logged a case with us and have given us more details on your business case -  why using IP Addresses is not acceptable. We agree with the concern raised and have logged a bug with engineering to be addressed in an upcoming patch.

Thank you for your patience, we will try our best to have this addressed soon in our upcoming patches.


Flexera Support.

I'm seeing this after applying the latest update set.  They had previously been using the IP, so it doesn't appear that is the issue.  We also attempted to unactivate UC and then reactivate with no luck.  Any other suggestions.


Request you to please log a case on our support portal so we can perform additional validation of this issue on the latest patch.

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