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Unable to remove mashup

I have an issue with whereas I am unable to completely remove a mashup and it's data. If I have a mashup called MyMashUpOne with some data using the MachineName key, and I no longer need it or need to make significant changes to it, I can remove it from the Admin Console as a data source, but it is persistent in the User Console. History is turned off, I'm using the 'INV is latest' option and have removed all the sources and potential history via the inventory summary. This also prevents me from creating a new mashup with same headers. Anyone else experienced these issues, or can confirm that once they remove a mashup the data is also removed from the publish database on next normalize ?




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In addition to removing the mashup you will need to delete the inventory for the mashup.  Have you tried that already and it didn't work?

Deleting Inventories (

Hi @TeriStevenson , correct, I have tried also to delete the inventories. I have considered dropping the database but seeing if there are less drastic solutions first.

Hi @jeremy-m  , the below SQL statement can help to clean the data from both database and the User Console by the Inventory ID. You may want to run the below SQL and then re-run the normalize job (without the Mashup file, or with the new Mashup file that you want to normalize) to repopulate the data.

1. get the inventory ID from the Inventory Summary or the Analyze report in User Console UI, let's say the ID = 123456789;

2. Run the below query one by one in the BDNA_PUBLISH database;

EXECUTE PUBLISH_CLEARDATA @inv_id = 123456789, @task_id = NULL;

3. Rerun the Normalize job without the mashup file or with your new mashup files.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to log a support ticket.



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