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Assistance in understanding normalization process (Import data back into FNMS)

Hi @ll

at the moment I have a "problem" with the understanding of normalization by integrating different inventory sources, in our case SCCM and FNMS.

  1. Add SCCM and FNMS as Inventory source to BDNA
    • SCCM Prio 1
    • FNMS Prio 2
    • Deduping Rule - Hostname (SCCM/FNMS)
  2. Run Normalize Job
  3. Run Report "My Environment - Hardware Manufacturs
    • e.g. Filter on Dell, including all HW products and models
    • There is only "Dell" as HW Manufacturer
    • 2019-10-21 20_26_13-DAPPPORTAL103EN on (Work Resources).png
    • 2019-10-21 20_24_49-Clipboard.png
  4. FNMS Import
    • Set Data Platform als Primary Inventory Source in FNMS (FlexNet Manger 2nd, SCCM 3rd)
    • Import latest Data Platform Normalizsation via Build in Inventory Adapter from Beacon
  5. Verify Normalized and Imported data in FNMS (e.g. Focused on Dell)
    • As you can see, there are still two Dell Manufaturers (Dell and Dell Inc.)
    • 2019-10-21 20_30_39-All Inventory - FlexNet Manager Suite.png
    • All Inventories with "Dell" have as last inventory source "Data Platform"
    • All Inventories with "Dell Inc" have as last inventory source "FlexNet Manager"
    • All Inventories with "Dell Inc" have the FlextNet Agent installed and are not managed via SCCM

The import and normalization of the FNMS data into the Data Platform apparently  include  the data from the source "FlexNet Manager Suite" (e.g. FNMS Agent) and is normalized them in the right way. As you can see - total of E6420 are mapped to "Dell"

Assumption: During the import from DP into FNMS the Inventories managed by FlexNet Manager Suite won't be updated with data from BDNA. I assumed that all manufacturers (Dell, Dell Inc., ...) would be combined into one manufacturer -> Dell

Unfortunately we don't have the possibility to inventory FlextNet Agent devices via SCCM. Has any of you experience in the normalization process of FNMS data with the source "FlexNet Manager Suite"? In our case this applies also to Windows, Linux servers and vCenter inventory.

Loking forwards to your ideas! Thanks and Best,


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EDIT - More Details after getting deeper into the DB tables 🙂

  1. Inventory Reader/Data Platform v5/Computer.xml
    • sample device with "Dell Inc." in FNMS, is listed with "Dell" als Manufacturer in BDNA_Publish DB based on Computer.xml output
  2. [FNMSCompliance].[dbo].[ImportedComputer]
    • listed sample device with ComplianceConnection DataPlatform, but with Manufacturer "Dell Inc."
  3. [FNMSInventory].[dbo].[ComputerResourceData_MT]
    • listed sample device with with Manufacturer "Dell Inc."

FNMS Documentation:

Make primary 	

On the connection that is currently the primary one, the button is grayed out and displays Primary. Click this button on any other row to make it the new primary connection.

The primary connection has priority for the import of hardware inventory. Any non-null value from the primary connection cannot be over-written by conflicting data from any secondary source, even if the secondary source was imported more recently. For values that are null (not reported) in the primary connection, secondary connections can provide data, with the most recent secondary import taking priority for this. (The primary connection setting has no effect on the import of software inventory.)

It seems that as long as there is an entry for a device in the FNMSInventory, despite the changed "PrimarySource" settings, the values from the FNMSInventory are preferred. For a device without an entry, the new manufacturer has been adopted

Looking forward to your answers ... :?