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Collecting Logs for Support

Collecting Logs for Support


Almost always, the first step in error resolution is log analysis. This document shows how to fully shut down the Palamida Tomcat servers, kill any hanging Java processes, and generate a new set of logs without historical data. This helps the Support team isolate an error as it occurs.


  1. Please STOP all Palamida by running $palamida/tomcat/bin/

  2. After shutdown of the Tomcat servers, ensure that there are no hanging Java processes.

    You can ensure there are no Java processes by the following commands:

    • i. jps

      This might return a process called "Bootstrap" with an associated process ID.
      User-added image

    • ii. ps aucx | grep java

      This might return a process called "java" with an associated process ID.

      User-added image

    • iii. Kill the Java process if necessary by the kill -9 command:
      User-added image

  3. Next, delete all the logs in $palamida/logs and $palamida/tomcat/logs

  4. Start the Palamida Tomcat servers ? this will generate a set of new logs to help isolate the error

  5. Attempt the action that caused the error before.

  6. If you experience the error again, please zip and email the new logs with the error.

    • Please include all logs in $palamida/logs and $palamida/tomcat/logs
    • Please also include the following configuration files:
      • $palamida/config/core/
      • $palamida/config/core/
      • $palamida/config/scanEngine/
      • $palamida/config/scanEngine/
      • $palamida/tomcat/bin/ (For Windows, use catalina.bat instead) NOTE: Please rename this file, as e-mail clients such as Outlook will block it to be quarantined.)
      • $palamida/tomcat/conf/server.xml

Additional Information

If you are experiencing Detector related issues, we may suggest for you to send us the logs. Please refer to Enable Java Console Logging for enabling Java Console Logs.
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