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Flexera Alumni

One of the perks of having a company like Flexera that cares about its products is the wealth of useful information available for answering questions and getting started. 

The steps for getting started with App Broker are laid out here in a walk-through produced by Flexera.

How to get started with AppBrokerHow to get started with AppBroker

This tutorial is for after you have installed App Broker. The first thing you’ll need to do is upload your license file, which the tutorial explains how. 

It then walks through managing the App Broker site, everything from changing the language settings to viewing dashboards to managing reports. 

The tutorial also shows you the out-of-the-box workflow and integration for ServiceNow and BMC. And you’ll see a Troubleshooting section with known issues. 

The walk-through ends by explaining the Enterprise App Store. 

Check out more useful product docs by clicking “View product documentation on the home page.  

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Level 2
Are there any more tutorials available for using other features of the app broker? I could not find any on the internet. Please help.
By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@techrama - you should find all the features of App Broker pretty comprehensively covered in the information that @nswedberg has linked to in the post here. Are there particular features that you're looking for information about that you have not found covered?

Flexera Alumni

@techrama Thanks for the comment! There are a couple of places with content that provides great information about using App Broker.

One is Flexera's Learning Center. You can find it by clicking here. More content is added to the Learning Center every month for Flexera's products. Check out the App Broker/AppPortal section for tutorials. 

A second option is diving deeper into Flexera's HelpNet, which is linked in the article above. Search for your product and version to get helpful guides.

Hope that helps!