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An error can occur when performing a sync within App Portal, or alternatively while a sync is being performed as part of an upgrade.


When performing a sync in App Portal, or more likely when a sync is being performed as part of an upgrade, the following error may occur:
Error in Database synch:Invalid column name 'DisplayName0'.
Synch Completed False
Error detecting during synching data
Database Upgrade failed. Check C:\ESD_Error_Log.txt for more info and contact Flexera Software for assistance


This error is displayed when the DisplayName attribute has not been extended within ConfigMgr.


  1. Launch the Configuration Manager Console.
  2. Select the Administration workspace located in the bottom left of the window pane.
  3. Within the Administration navigation pane, underneath Overview, expand Heirarchy Configuration.
  4. Under Heirarchy Configuration, select Discovery Methods.
  5. In the Discovery Methods results pane, right-lick Active Directory User Discovery and then select Properties from the pop-up menu.
  6. In the Active Directory User Discovery Properties window, click the Active Directory Attributes tab.
  7. Under Available attributes, locate displayName and click the Add button.

Additional Information

When upgrading it is important to refer to the release notes to find necessary information about changes between versions. Upgrading:Read This First!
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