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Syncing Cost Information to ServiceNow

There are 3 Fields




please explain the differences so that we can map accordingly in SNOW.

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

Are these random column names you found by searching the DB, or are they settings you found in the UI? I'll go on the assumption that you are referring to random column names.. As there is no context as to where you found them, I'll guess that these are the cost column in WD_Package_Cost, the LicenseCost columm in WD_License, and the CatalogCost column in WD_WebPackages.. The LicenseCost column is only used by inventory groups (legacy license reclamation),  so you will not use this. Cost, is a cost which has been converted based on the exchange rate defined under communication->currency. The cost that you have defined for CatalogCost, is the cost to which the exchange rate has been applied.. Generally speaking, CatalogCost is the only cost you are going to have to work with.. This is defined for each catalog item under general->inventory..

Incidentally, the CatalogCost column is already being synced into ServiceNow.