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App Broker/ServiceNow Sync General Catalog Item

If using the following, will the Security Group Tab function work and can you send email notifications setup in App Broker General Catalog item?

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With regard to general catalog items and ServiceNow, what Flexera Services does if the customer has a requirement to use general catalog items is to add a "dummy" package to them to make them into software catalog items.  Then we also add a custom variable to all catalog items to distinguish between software and general catalog items (e.g. ##Custom_CatalogType## = Software/General  OR  ##Custom_InstallationType## = Manual/Automatic).  Then we extend the schema of the x_fls_appportal_import_service table in ServiceNow to include a field where we can sync this custom variable value.  Once you have those custom values getting synced into the ServiceNow catalog items, you can include a new "if" block in the workflow just before the Submit Order action that will either submit the order (for software catalog items) or skip that step and perform some other action (for general catalog items).  Depending on the scenario, you might make it close the Request/RITM and go directly to the end of the workflow, or you might make it create another catalog task and assign it to some team to take further action before closing the ticket.

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In the scenario described, requests are never being submitted to App Broker for general catalog items.  App Broker is leveraged for license checks/reservations and software deployment, but the "If" block would ensure that general catalog items go down a different workflow path in ServiceNow and don't get submitted to App Broker.  Therefore, the answer to your question is no, you can't use the Security Groups tab or email notifications in App Broker for these catalog items.  These actions would only be triggered on software catalog items that actually get submitted from ServiceNow to App  Broker.

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