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Software Leasing in AppPortal

A software is enabled leasing for 7 days, now a user shops the application and use it.  On day 7, the software gets uninstalled automatically, will the user be able to shop the software again and use it for another 7 days?

do we have option to restrict number of times a user shops for the same application? 

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

Out of the box, there is no way that I can think of which would allow you to prevent a user from installing leased software again, after their initial lease period had expired.. Perhaps you could add the user to a "productAlreadyLeased" AD security group, and then add a visibility condition to your leased catalog item, which would check to be sure that the user is not part of the "productAlreadyLeased" group? Not sure if this would work for you or not, but a condition is about the only way that I can think to do this.