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Installing two Casper packages at the same time

App portal version is : App Portal 2016 (

Software has two components in casper.

First one is called Software2.3.4.pkg
and Software2.3.4.licence.key.pkg

In Casper, the Casper Admin has combined them as one in the Casper Frontend. But when I create a catalog item in my app portal, it is allowing me to choose just one package.

If I create a catalog item for Software2.3.4.pkg and then edit it later, it is not giving me a way to include Software2.3.4.licence.key.pkg.

Is there a way to create a dependency between catalog items in the App Portal itself? I did come across something called a bundle but nothing more than that.

Nagendra Singh
(1) Reply
A bundle can be defined as a Group Catalog Item. Details on creating a Group Catalog Item are available online here: