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Exception while executing TestConnection to the FlexNet Manager database

In App Portal under Site Management>Settings>Flexera Integration and under the title: FlexNet Manager Suite Database Connection Settings I entered in my database server and database name and when I click Test I get this error in return: Server was unable to process request. ---> Method not found: 'ManageSoft.Compliance.Logic.Core.API.CurrentOperatorContext ManageSoft.Compliance.Logic.Core.Impl.CoreImpl.GetCurrentOperatorContext()'

If I actually go to the ComplianceAPIService.asmx site on my FNMS server to list the available API methods, sure enough the GetCurrentOperatorContext() method isn't listed among the long list of available methods.

Anyone ever seen this?
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In case anyone is interested, I'm using a domain service account and so the fix for this was to enable Windows Authentication for the "Suite" site in IIS on the FNMS server.