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Flexera Alumni

Just last week, App Attach was released to General Availability, and AdminStudio 2021 is now here providing a new feature for App Attach to make it easier to take advantage of this powerful new benefit for those managing Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) environments. AdminStudio can now easily create the VHD or VHDX images necessary to leverage App Attach from MSIX packages in your Application Catalog.

When you right-click on an MSIX package in AdminStudio's Application Catalog, you’ll see a new option to “Create MSIX App Attach” in the context menu. To do so, you’ll need to have signed the MSIX package (which is an existing MSIX requirement).


When preparing an MSIX package for App Attach, the below configurable options are presented:

  • Name (automatically populated)
  • Image Type (VHD is set by default. While VHDX does offer more modern features, such as support for larger sizes and disk resizing, they are not of consequence for purposes of supporting App Attach)
  • Image Size (calculated at four times that of the MSIX package with a 20mb minimum)
  • Output Directory (by default, that of your existing MSIX package)


You may accept the defaults or make changes as desired.


Note: to use this feature, you must have enabled Hyper-V Services on the local machine where you wish to do so, this can be done in Windows Features as shown below.



We are anxious to evolve this initial support for App Attach as we believe it to be a significant value of MSIX we want to make easier. Please come with your suggestions to our Ideas area and tell us what you think we should do to help even more!