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where to install adminstudio?

We have AdminStudio 2013 Professional. It has a SQL piece for the catalog I've noticed. Do you install AdminStudio onto a Server or can you install it onto a Windows 7 workstation?
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install AdminStudio like you would install Microsoft Office. ... on a workstation.
you can use a SQL Server to connect to (and create the catalog there) or use a local SQL Express.

In Program Files (x86) you will find the AdminStudio folders including the "Repackager" folder.
This is your most important folder because it contains the repackager and other supportive tools.

After you activated your copy of AdminStudio , copy the "Repackager" to a shared location ( if you want to have more co-workers using the same templates / configuration)

Repackaging must be done on a "clean" machine ( NO ADMINSTUDIO NEEDED)
just create a shortcut to the shared "Repackager" folder and run the repack.exe to start Repackaging.

After you repackaged an application, the result ( IRP / INC) needs to be copied to a shred location ( fileshare?)
You can open the IRP / INC on your workstation to continue the cleanup / editing of your project.

(there is also a "remote repackager installation and a stand-alone repackager for more info , read the manual 😉

PS. I would suggest you attend an AdminStudio training at a near Official / Authorized Training center near you.

PS. link with documentation:

Good luck!