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need some help to repackage Tivoli

Hello all,

i'm just a newbie in the area of packaging.

I have to repackage Tivoli Workload Scheduler 8.3.
My customer gave me the sources which contains a SETUP.EXE (made with Installshield) and Tivoli Package Tivoli_TWS_LP.SPB.

I've used the repackager to snapshot the installation and selected SETUP.EXE as the program to be running.
SETUP.EXE asks me for giving those variables :
- hostname
- company
- user
- password
- master domain manager (its port used is configured by default and can be changed)

I must precise that the MSI should be installed with 3 different users belonging to 3 different Active Directory domains

Then the SETUP.EXE calls Tivoli_TWS_LP.SPB during the installation.

In the log file, i've seen that many JAVA Classes call use my given variables to set some values in other files such as startup.cmd

So what can be the best practises to do the MSI in those conditions? i'm blocked

All ideas are welcome

Thanks a lot
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Hi There,

How you handle this situation can be pretty complicated, based on where the User/Domain information is being passed to and from.

Some of this can be handled by the Tuner (in the case it's just registry entries that it's based off of). You can find this out by just looking through the MSI tables with InstallShield's Direct Editor.

I suspect some other configuration you might be able to do with the Ini File Changes view of the editor project. But again, it depends on how this all gets built into the repackaged project file.

Worst case scenario, you can create manually custom actions to invoke scripts based on the %USERNAME% and %USERDOMAIN% environment variables.

Does this make sense at all in context? I've not repackaged Tivoli, so I'm not certain if my advice is valid as such.