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invalid version error


I'm trying to repackage some software and getting an error I've not seen before:

" is an invalid version. Versions must be in the format of where major and minor are numbers between 0 and 255 and the build and revision numbers are between 0 and 65535."

The error is pretty clear, the software revision number is higher than what's allowed. My questions is, is there a way around this, some type of work around, or is there just no way to repackage this software using AdminStudio?

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What "version" is this talking about? The ProductVersion has a different format.

ProductVersion Property
The value of the ProductVersion property is the version of the product in string format. This property is REQUIRED.
The format of the string is as follows:
The first field is the major version and has a maximum value of 255. The second field is the minor version and has a maximum value of 255. The third field is called the build version or the update version and has a maximum value of 65,535.

Just change it to 8.1.107, or just 1.0.0 ... it's your package version ... it does not have to match the software version, but your probably want it to be close.
I did indeed change the number and it worked just fine. I did not realise I could change the number. Live and learn. Thanks again!!