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conflicting .msi files

When launching an application it is repairing from a different .msi file!
The two .msi files each contain a comctl32.ocx file.
Package 1 version of the file is newer than package 2 and therfore overwrites it. When I launch package 1 it intiates a repair of package 2 before launching!

The event log indicates that package 1 could not find a HKCU registry component of package 2 and therfore initiates a repair of package 2 before launching. The event log also shows that it could not find the comctl32.ocx component from package 2.

Any ideas how to configure the comctl32.ocx file?
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When you have 2 versions of the same file (doesn't matter which) you will get this problem..there are 2 work arounds that I know of.

1: Read both packages and remove the key file attribute from the file. (I.E add a registry entry or dumm text file and set that as key file) simple but then only one file will be on the PC. not good if you need both versions

2: Application isolation (A lot more complicated but in the long run also a lot better)

If you made the packagaes yourself you should consider using a database in Conflict solver with all your packages and images recorded there..the problem will then be found much earlier.

You could also just remove the file from both packages as it is a standard windows file?? I think. If you really need 2 different versions then go with the application isolation method for better results.

You could also just put the file into the installation Directory and not into the system dir.