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Workflow manager comments field and SQL Query?


I need help is creating a custom reqport with sql query to get the below reports:

1) APPID,APPNAME,Comments (App Status Comments in WFM)
2) APPID,APPNAME, Current workflow phase and current owner of the phase, request received date and request completion date

Earliest responce is appreciated.:)

Thanks in advance..
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Hi There,

You can accomplish something like this with a simple SQL Join:

Application Name, AppID, Comments:

select a.ApplicationLName,a.ApplicationID, b.DataText from ams_application a, AMS_ApplicationItem b
WHERE b.ItemID = a.CurrentWFMajorItemID

You would do something similar for the second report query, only against the AMS_Person and AMS_WFMajorItemTpl tables, which will have the display names of the User GUID and Current Workflow Phase GUID's stored IN AMS_Application.