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OS Snapshot - Out of memory bug

Hi all,I have an issue with the AdminStudio 6 SP1 OS Snapshot tool on a GSX W2K3 box with 1Go RAM.The error message "Out of memory" always appears. I have changed the pagefile size without any success.Any other ideas???Ps: it's the same with the Inst...

Oneel77 by Level 3
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Bundling everything as Setup.exe

A package requires to be bundled as one Setup.exe, it has some scripts, .msi, .mst and some files required to be copied down the machine. I recommend to use a command line installation method but my client wants to create one executable (silent) that...

MNeupane by Level 4
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Repacked Firefox Upgrade Problem

So, I've repackaged Firefox with AdminStudio 6 (Hopefully I'll have a newer version soon) to make it easier to deploy. As far as the basic application installation goes everything is working great. However, I'm trying to make an installer tha...

AS 8 Pro and WorkFlow Manager Install Issue on Vista Ent

I'm trying to install AS8 Pro along with WorkFlow Manager in Vista Ent, yes with admin credentials. At the end of user prompts, instantly after I hit for "Install", I get the "InstallShield Wizard Completed" screen however the message displayed is "T...

MNeupane by Level 4
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Access Report in Admin Studio Enterprise Edition

Hi guys.Im new on the FlexNet AdminStudio and I loving this tool.My company are evaluating the enterprise edition to implant a new install process to local support team.One of my questions is:- Its possible get a monthly report of how many times a ap...

spike_br by Level 3
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Monitor Setup Process on different machines

Hi allquestion: we installed adminstudio 8.0 eval on a test PC and now we want to monitor a installation process on a different machine (remote monitoring?)is this possible or can AS only monitor Setup's on the same machine where AS resides?thanks fo...

directx 9

I tried to repackage an application that requires directx 9 with installshield x.When I include directx 9 from redistributables, it gives me these errors during the build.ICE03 Error Table: ModuleExecuteUISequence Column: Action Missing specification...

rouqiu by Level 2
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Creating App catalog in AdminStudio 8

Hello all, a few questions........1. When trying to create a new application catalog in adminstudio8 there are no special instructions for sql permissions, so of course it gives me not enough rights error when I try to go forward with the creation of...

jwinters by Level 2
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Admin Studio 8 -- transform modification

I have an application from a well known NAS storage company that will be used as a document version repository... Said application is already configured as an msi, this msi has a transform (supplied by same manufacture) for redirecting the default pa...

filzhaus by Level 2
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How can I create a MSI without any dialog?

Hi all, I do appreciate if you can help me!I need to create a MSI file for adobe reader without any dialog box. I checked that there has a command line can install the MSI in silent mode: (msiexec /i xxx.msi /q) but that not I want. I need to create ...

lunyi8 by Level 3
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