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Will Admin Studio (Conflict Solver) support Multiple Processors?

We are running ISAS 3.5 for 10 users on a Quad Processor
Windows 2000 Terminal Server.

Conflict Solver database is running on the same box.
Performance is good <-> ok but it is clearly not taking
advantage of the multiple processors.

Especially with Conflict Solver. (See file attached)
SQL Server 2000 is

Will this be addressed in future versions of ISAS?
I can only assume that we are not the only shop running
ISAS 3.5 in this manner and with this type of hardware.
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By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
Generally, AdminStudio operates under the standard one process - one thread model. AdminStudio tries to perform most of the database work on the database server. However, this leaves the OS with limited oportunities to balance the laod across multiple processors.

There are some execpetions to this architecture. The ConflictSolver OS Snapshot import is done asynchronously in a separate thread, which should give the OS the opportunity to balance the system load.

Over time, we will certainly make more functionality asynchronous and this should allow AdminStudio to perform better on these multiple processor systems.

Allen Saxton
AdminStudio ConflictSolver Developer
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