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Wierd problem, any ideas?

Basically I have repackaged an old snapshotted application into MSi using the re-packager however when the MSI installs varies classes root keys it seems to be adding a key that isnt inside the MSI, that I can find.

Example of this below:

This is one of the keys that is seeing the problem:

Under this key are the following:

Now what you see above is what I see inside the MSI editor in the registry section. The problem arrises when the application installs, all the keys above are installed correctly however there is also the following key appearing out of no where:

This key has a load of junk in it and is of no use, when I un-install the application using the MSI the above keys including the dodgy one are removed so it is definatly the install that is putting it there.

Anyone got any ideas as to why this is happening as I cant find that dodgy reg key in the MSI!

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If you have not, please read up on this.
That answers my questions, thanks!