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Validating MSI in Installshield 5

I upgraded to Installshield 5. I repacked the installation for Adobe Photoshop 7. After working in Developer on the ISM file, I built the MSI and validated it. It came up with some ICE errors, so I corrected them. I rebuilt the MSI. Now whenever I try to validate the MSI, the program acts liks it's going to do it, but then stops right away. What is up with that? If I rebuild the MSI I still have the problem. I am able to validate other MSI files, but not this one. What could possibly be holding this up? I never had this problem in AdminStudio 3.5


(2) Replies
If the issue is specific to Adobe Photoshop 7 then its hard to say whats holding up. Try ORCA from Microsoft to validate the newly build MSI and comapre the results.
That was an idea I didn't think of. I ran Full Suite validation on the MSI via Orca without an issue.

I am not sure why it won't work inside Developer, but at least I have a way to validate the MSI.