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InstallShield DevStudio provides the Windows Installer capability in the System Search view to locate a particular file, folder, registry key, or .ini value on a target system prior to installation.

I am using the System Search feature as a install condition. Don't install application if file "X" is on the system. That part works fine, however when I go to UnInstall the application the System Search is running again. Since file "X" is now on the System it will not allow me to uninstall the application.

Anybody know how I can stop the System Search from running on UnInstall?
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You will want to look into Sequences, both UI and Execute Sequence, and put the appropriate condition on LaunchCondition action as needed.
I am on my 2nd cup of coffee and I am still drawing a blank. 😮

The condition specified in the LaunchCondition Table???
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Check out my thread I had the same problem? I am sure this will sort you out!

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