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RealVNC admin studio not being detected

Hi all,

I'm having issues with my admin studio not detecting RealVNC VNC viewer on backlog in admin studio. Even when I have the correct characters as we base it off what the package feed module said. It still not being detected


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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hi Nathan,
It's a known issue and It will be a new enhancement to the product that is now being added to the product backlog. 
Please have a look at the following Flexera Community post which will provide you with more information on the same.




So, this brings the question that not been answered back then. What's the ETA on this?

Package Automation and Backlog capabilities in AdminStudio support the package types - MSI and EXE today. The package types of .zip are not currently supported for Package Automation and Backlog. However, zip package types can be imported into an AdminStudio catalog using the Import Wizard. Zip packages need manual intervention to extract the file and select the correct installer file to import into a catalog, which limits it from being supported for automation. We are looking at ways we could enable automation and backlog capabilities for zip package types but unfortunately, we don't have a firm ETA to offer at this point. We are currently in the planning phase for 2024 Q1/Q2 and this is definitely one of the items on our list.

Thanks for the update!

Hope it will be implemented for next year, keep us updated