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Problem with 'shortcuts component' registry enrty

When i tried to Package Macromedia Dream weaver, it gave me error ICE 43 and ice 57.Both errors regrading the regisrty entry corresponding to the component 'Shortcut'
To miticate error 43 i have to set the corresponding reg entry to -1 and to miticate the ice error 57 i have to set the same reg entry to 2.
So each time one error pretains.
How can i solve this? Can anyone help ?
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I'd move that shortcut out of the ShortcutComponent into the component where the target file is. Make that file key file and you can even advertise this shortcut.

There's no need for those registry entries as long as the shortcut goes into ProgramMenuFolder, DesktopFolder, etc. (ALLUSERS will decide if it goes into alluser's profile or is per user)