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Preventing DSN from repairing

I'm trying to get a DSN from repairing when another person logs onto the machine. I've been fighting with it for awhile and finally decided to remove the DSN from the project file and create a new component with the DSN registry entries in it instead.
Problem is, the DSN isn't installing. If I go into the ODBC settings and I try to add the new Data Source (Adaptive Server Anywhere 7.0), I get the option for the Data Source because I've added that registry entry.. but when I click "finish" I get a dll error. "Cannot find the language resource file (dblglen7.dll)".
What besides registry entries are needed to manually create a DSN without using the ODBC section in Developer?
Am I taking the wrong approach here?
Thanks a lot.

Oh, the registry entires I've added were all at this key and below:
I didn't remove the ODBC.ini entries in the INI file section either.
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How about moving this DSN to the system, instead of per user.