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Newbie - remove Outlook from Office

I am *reasonably* familiar with concepts of MSI etc and know I have to use a transform file to remove Outlook from the standard Office install but am more used to using Wise Installer: I'm forced to use AdminStudio by my current employer.

So, my question: what's the quickest way (step-by-step, preferably) to remove Outlook completely from the vanilla Office install? Is it as simple as deleting the entry in 'Organisation/Features/ProductFiles/OUTLOOKFiles'?

As I say, I know I have to do this via a transform but AdminStudio's interface leaves me cold: it's not what I would call intuitive...

Also, should I be worried that the Validation in Tuner gives 27 errors and no less than 1620 warnings on Office 2K's DATA1.MSI?!?!
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Have you tried validating the Data1.MSI using the ORCA tool that is available in the MSI SDK? From what I understand, there are errors and warnings displayed by this tool for Data1.MSI.

Whether you are using Tuner or ORCA, they are using the same validation rules (DARICE.CUB) and engine from Microsoft and hence should be reporting the same errors.

You can use Tuner or Developer to create the transform for you. While creating the transform, instead of deleting the Outlook feature, you can turn off the feature. This would work better for you.
Open up Tuner and click "create a new transform file".
Browse to the MSI and then browse to the folder where you want your MST and name it.
Then click on "Create Response Transform".
Go through the screens and choose the options you want.. it won't actually install anything.
You're done.
Thanks everyone. I stumbled across Tuner's MST creation while reading a help topic on an unrelated subject and I'm now sorted.

As for the errors and warnings, every tool I use (including Orca and Wise Installer [feigns Buzz Lightyear choking noise at mention of Wise in an InstallShield forum...]) produces the same output and Office installs OK, so I guess I'll go ahead and ignore the lot.