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Invalid language.

I have bought the language pack, installed it (although it doesn't seem to work properly as all dialogs even under german are in english...) and now when i repack a program under nt4 german i always get the unsupported language message. I know about the fix with the wrapper and have tried it, but no go. I am curious how i have no language support as i have installed the western language pack and it says german is there. I have attatched the inc /ism etc. can someone let me know what is going on here please?

also any info on why my german dialogs are all in english would be cool. I have un and reinstalled the admin studio 3 times now..getting somewhat miffed...

have just found something..if i run the conversion on an english system, it works fine as german language, if i run the conversion on a german O.S...doesn't work..go figure..
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i have just looked at the summary information stream. it has intel 1033..thats still english isn't it? the default setup language is german, but the template is still english.

just a quick question to someone who knows, as opposed to the telesales guy who sold me this. can i repack both english and german software with admin studio? because although i can change the setup language, i don't seem to actually be able to change the project the inc file it has the language the ism after it has 1033 and all the merge modules it applies are english. i have included my template file in case i have done something wrong here.

if i import a. inc file from repackager i cannot make it german? if i create a completely new one from scratch.i cannot make it german..if i use the annoying ask too many questions wizard to create a basic makes it german for me.. I think this is a tech support call..
I have re-installed admin studio, developer 8(base language german) update and vp2 as well as western language support to a german machine. I fire up developer and can create a new german install with german setup and german language dialogues from both wizard and standard creation methods (although the template summary is always on intel, 1033 unless i change it?)

okay wonderful think I. i then take a previously repackaged program and run my new shiny german system on it. it converts. i open it in developer, it has german language dialogues. i nearly fall off my seat. I then run the dependency scan on the project knowing that it uses mdac components 2.5 Deutsch, as the calls it makes dont exist in english mdac ( dont ask me i didnt write the thing)..and tada..still only english or language independent merge modules and not a sniff of an mdac anywhere..

I then created a basic MSI with german. added in the files i am told require MDAC, register the dlls, copy the files into the systemfolder. run the dependency scan (completely removed this time from admin studio english as everything was done on a german OS with a german install of developer for german software requiring german merge module jet 4 and mdac 2.5) and guess installed for some bizarre reason ole 24 english..again NO GERMAN SUPPORT what is going on here??? a german language setup dialogue is not my idea of allowing repack of german software..