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Installation Monitoring not launching setup.exe

I'm trying to repackage spss 11.5 using the installation monitoring method but it will not launch setup.exe from the spss installation cd.

Instead I receive a message that says all setup(s) have been launched.

As a result I have to use snapshot method to repackage SPSS.

Any suggestions why setup will not run using installation monitoring method?
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Search for repack.log in windows system directory. See if this log tells you anything why it failed to launch the setup.
This could also be a known problem with Install Monitor. If this package is a 16bit install then the issue is related to our logging and the initialization of NTs virtual dos machine (NTVDM). In the meantime, another workaround is to make sure NTVDM (and wowexec) is already loaded before monitoring and then begin monitoring. This can be done by launching a 16 bit app - even just launching the 16 bit setup and shutting it down. You can check task manager to make sure these processes are running.
Thank you Paul that worked:)