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Installation Control

I am looking for a way to control my MSI Packages. My environment is very locked down and we have enabled the use of elevated permissions to allow users to be able load MSI packages (via WinInstall). This works out ok. However, there are some applications that I would like to install on a per-user basis. Meaning that what is installed and available for one user is not necessary available for another user.

For example, let say WinZIP. If I install it for one user it work. When the next user logs on there is an advertised shortcut in the start menu (because it is placed in All Users). If the user clicks on the shortcut, Windows Installs inserts the user registry settings and Winzip works as well. Which is fine if I want WinZIP to be available to everyone, but what if I only want it to be available for the user that it was initially installed for?

Any idead on how I control this situation?


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Look at the MSI package and make sure that the ALLUSERS property is not set.

If ALLUSERS is NULL, then the application is installed only for the current user.

Which deployment mechanism are you using?
I am using WinInstall to distribute the MSI. I do not set the ALLUSERS property in any of my MSI files. However, my installations always are installed with shortcuts that are accessible to everyone.
Did you repackage the MSI or are these MSIs from outside verndors?
They are repackaged.