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Identifying Machines with Reinstalled Unsupported Software

The administrator pushed out an uninstallation package to remove the unsupported software version. However, some users have reinstalled it. How can we identify machines where users have reinstalled this previously uninstalled, unsupported software?

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By Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran

Hi Saurabh,
Could you please provide me with the additional details requested via the case comments, to look into the issue further.




Hi Shashikiran,

Thanks for your response!!!

We noticed non-compliance in Flexera, which led us to initiate a cleaning activity. During this process, we observed that some users had installed and were using an older, unsupported version of the software. Consequently, we decided to uninstall the software from the users’ computers and pushed out an uninstallation package.

This package successfully uninstalled the software from the users’ computers. However, some users had the installation exe file and reinstalled the same older, unsupported version of the software. Additionally, some new users also installed this older version.

Our primary objective was to remove the older and unsupported version, but due to the software’s reinstallation, we were unable to achieve our goal. We now want to determine how many users are using the older version of the software.

In Flexera, we can check this by visiting each machine and reviewing its history. However, this is a very lengthy process and will consume a lot of time. Is there a way we can obtain a report of those machines on which the software has been reinstalled?


Thanks and regards, 


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