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Error "Creating Components for the files captured" with Repackager

Hi guys,

I want to repackage a setup.exe but when i try to convert my irp project to MSI I have the following error :
"Creating Component for the files captured
an unknow error occured"
I uncheck the box "Replace file with merge modules ..." but I have the same error message
So I create theses registry keys to generate a log file for my problem:

DebugFile = C:\Inc2Msi.log
DeburRepackager = 5

DebugLogLevel = 3

In the Inc2Msi.log there was that error :

Failure writing to MSI table 'FeatureComponents'

In My setup there are 6000 files and 900 registry keys.

Can someone help me ?

Thanks for replies.
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In the end of log file there is another error:

FAILURE: CHECK_HR: 0x8007065b File=C:\AdminStudio\Current\Source\Repackager\INCConverter\IsmWriter.cpp Line=766
Please Help !!!
I don't have idea anymore.
I installed FlexNet AdminStudio 7.5 and I have the same problem.

Is there any god of AdminStudio who can help me?
If you are creating 1 file per component, please note that there is maximum of 1600 components per feature. However, my understanding is that AdminStudio (since 3.x? or maybe earlier) will automatically create a separate feature when it reaches the maximum in a feature. This does not look like something that can be resolved without involvement from some developer in Macrovision's AdminStudio team.

To ensure a quicker response, you may want to contact their support.
Thanks, that's I've done, I 've contacted Macrovision support.
I hope they could help me.
If you like to reproduce my problem, I can send you my irp, inc, options.ini and Standard.nir files.
I know why Repackager fails !

if the end of the name of subfolder contains [..]:

InstallFileList('C:\ddd[hh]\toto') => Repackager Fails

InstallFileList('C:\ddd[hh]) => Repackager doesn't Fail

InstallFileList('C:\ddd[hh]xx\toto) => Repackager doesn't Fail

I had the same problem. OMSTEF brought me to the idea that it could be an issue with [ and ]. I recognized this a few days ago, where I wanted to repackage an application which had a lot files that contained [ and ]. All brackets vanished from the filename, making them unusable. :eek: I don´t know why the repackages does this. :confused:

However I excluded the files and folders which contained brackets (I didn´t need them anyway, they where uninstall instructions for a patch) and it got at least to building ini files. 2 ini files again had brackets in their name, but I could not successfully exclude them in the Repackager. I therefore edited the *.inc and *.irp file manually to totally delete these 2 ini files.

Now it gets build! 😄
Hope this helps someone.

Hi Harald,

This was a great help! 🙂