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ConflictSolver not solving????

Have imported an app. into ConflictSolver 5.5 and have run the Conflict Wizard which flags up a number of ACE errors e.g. ACE04, ACE05, ACE07 etc.

Resolved these automatically creating a new MST; but after deleting and reimporting the app. with the new MST and running Conflict Wizard again it is still displaying similar ACE errors. This time when trying to 'Resolve All' the following error message is displayed for each error. . .

A general error has occurred executing the 'CARD05'.

Please report the problem to the CARD author.

. . .any help greatly appreciated :confused:
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Hi, Paul -

I was not able to recreate your ACE05 issue in either AdminStudio 5.5 or in AdminStudio 6.0. Let me put out some general information on resolving conflicts, in case you're not familiar with it. Forgive me if I'm covering ground which you've walked.

There are approx. 22 ACE rules which we ship with AdminStudio. Additionally, you can create your own. Of the ACE rules we supply, about 8-9 may be resolved automatically, either in a transform or by modifying your MSI package. You may opt to resolve these manually instead of accepting the automated resolution, and the remaining ACE rules must be resolved manually. So, performing automatic resolution does not necessarily make all of your ACE errors go away.

Let's say that I've used automatic resolution for my Component conflicts, and I've initiated this from the Conflict View for Component conflicts. One way to reimport is to use the Conflict Information field on this view to select "Summary" and, from the Summary view, click "Reimport". This will delete my original package and reimport the package along with the transform. I can also manually delete the package from the tree, and reimport. If I do this manually, I have to make sure that I explicitly specify the transform as well, since the Import Wizard has no way of knowing about the transform. You can verify that the transform was also imported by looking at the Product View, Transforms field.

If the transform did not get imported with the package, a conflict check of the package will find the same ACE errors that it did on the first time around. There is nothing changed in the package itself, as the "fixes" were saved in the transform. If your transform did get imported as well, conflict checking should not identify any of the errors you already resolved.

I'm concerned about your comment regarding the ACE05 error, and your comment about "similar errors". Does the ACE05 error occur only with one package? Does it occur with others? If none of the above comments helped, please send me your isconflict.ace file and your AceLog.txt from your AdminStudio Shared\ConflictSolver folder along with info on your database type (Access or SQL), OS, etc. and I'll look into it offline. You can contact me at