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Automation Process Assistant / Project Checklists


I am moving to the Flexera AdminStudio product from Wise. The API provided with the enterprise version does not offer anything related to the Process Assistant. Is it possible to automate entries to the Process Assistants Project list?

I basically want to run a front end to validate project naming and creation to standards then pass that information to the database to create a project checklist.

I found some of the related tables in the database and the procedure wfsp_AddProject. However using the procedure does not give me the expected results. The project name appears but the tasks are not listed. However, the tasks are created under the wftbWorkflowTasks table. I believe it has something to do with the inputs @AMSAppGUID, @AMSWFMjrItemGUID and @NewProjectID.

Anyone ever done anything like this? If I can't get this to work I will have to write my own checklist application.

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Did you manage to figure this one out?
I ended up writing my own application.
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