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Automated MSI to ISM conversion

I've done some searching and have found several posts asking similar questions but have been unable to find a recent, definitive answer.

Is there any means, whether a command line utility or automation API interface to do an automated conversion from an existing MSI to an ISM project file? I'm aware of the Open -> with Wizard option but that is a little cumbersome when you have several hundred existing MSIs to convert.

We are using Admin Studio 10.

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repackage the MSI's with the AAC ?

Why would you want to convert the MSI to ISM in the first place?
We would want the ISM so we would be able to create a project out of it to maintain source paths and the other features projects provide over direct MSI editing.
hmm.. I still don't see the advantage.. vendor MSI's reconverting to ISM is never a good plan.. why not using the TRANSFORM method?
These are all in house developed MSIs, not vendor.
and you don't have the sourcefiles of the inhouse developed MSI's.
Then I would repackage the application ( last resort)