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Arguments passed from setup.exe to MSI


Does anyone know of any tools I can use to work out what arguments get passed to an msi database from a setup.exe .

I have to package Intellimouse drives for deployment with sms and because the application is an msi package already, means that I can't repackage. This means that I have to create a mst. When I try to run the msi I extracted using the /a command, it tells me that I have to run the application using the setup provided.

This tells me that the setup passes some arguments to the msi that I do not know of.

Can anyone tell me how I can work out what arguments gets passed with the setup.exe?


Yusuf Pietersen
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Level 11 Flexeran
When you deploy the InstallScript based MSI project, setup.exe drives the installation of the MSI package. This article explains how to deploy the MSI package without using setup.exe

It is not a installscript package cause there is no isscript in the extracted folders.

The installation files for the intellimouse drivers can be found on the microsoft site at :

Please if you can take a look at it, any help would be greatly appreciated.


I did download the files from the Microsoft site and after having a look at it, I was able to determine that if a property called MM is not set in the command line, then they display the prompt asking you to install via setup.exe.

Hence if you try the following, this MSi install should work:

msiexec /i IP4_1.msi MM=1

I'm not sure what the MM property is used. Having looked at the MSI package, this property is being used only to determine whether you are running setup.exe or not.

Let me know whether this works for you.

That worked perfect. I am now able to create a MST. Thank you very much.


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