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Adminstudion General Queries

Hi ...

I have some queries

1. Do we need to install all the components i.e. AdminStudio Catalog Database Server, AdminStudio Web Server & Software Repository Server for Professional Edition also ? Are these installed on separate servers ?

2.Does adminstudio comes in with built in SQL Server or will we have to buy the licences ??
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AdminStudio Professional edition does not include AdminStudio Web/Enterprise Server. For Professional edition you will want to set-up a SQL Server. Depending on how many users you have you can decide to set it up on a different machine or on the same machine as where AS is installed. Most likely you will want to have the Software Repository on a shared UNC path (could be on a different machine).

AS does not come with a license of Microsoft SQL Server. It does ship with SQL Server 2005 Express edition (freely available from Microsoft).

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