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AdminStudio 7 - Folders being lost when converting inc to ism

Hi Again Everyone

I was wondering if anyone has come across a problem with the COMMONAPPDATAFOLDER when converting an inc file?

I have been rebuilding the latest version of Quicktime which uses this folder for its settings. The inc stores the correct paths and the files are saved in the right places, however after converting into an ism editor file, the files have been put in either completely the wrong folder or the wrong sub folder in the COMMONAPPDATAFOLDER.

eg the 'quicktime.qtp' setting file that should be in COMMONAPPDATAFOLDER > Apple Computer > QuickTime ends up in the INSTALLDIR folder (ie Program Files > QuickTime)

I haven't mentioned it to macrovision yet as I'm trying to get my activation problem sorted at the moment, but I'm hoping someone can confirm they're having a problem as well.

Cheers Everyone


The problem appears to be far worse than I thought. So far I am still repackaging my first application, Quicktime. Of the 403 folders that have been capture and correctly stored, only 63 have been created during the conversion 😞
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I have experienced the same problem:

I repackaged the oracle 92 client, first I installed the client then I applied patch 9.06. When I validate the MSI that was built I receive 835 of the following errors, there were also alot of ICE03 errors which I already fixed:

Installation of component 'Folder__.' would cause the target file 'spawnA~1.jar' to be installed twice in '[WindowsVolume']\ORACLE\Ora92\inventory\Patches21\oracle.rsf.xdk_rsf\\' on an LFN system. This will break the component reference counting system.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I lost a lot of subfolders in my ism file. I asked my colleague to repack the same application using adminstudio 6.0 (he is still using 6.0) and it was repackaged just fine and the errors went away.
I'm glad to see that I'm not going mad 😄

The AdminStudio 6 bit was very helpful. I've downloaded a copy of version 6 and copied the file 'islc.exe' from the folder AdminStudio>6.0>Repackager over the new version 7 one. (I renamed the old one as it might be needed when an update arrives)

Converting the inc file to an ism seems to be working fine now.

Thanks for responding