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AdminStudio 2023


Upgraded to AdminStudio 2023 but it installs Installshield 2022 R2, should it have v2023 R1 included?

I'm unable to download Installshield separately from the Product and License Center as the only option is for AdminStudio.



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Flexera Alumni

The new InstallShield released just after the new AdminStudio; we always include the latest release, but in this case it wasn't the most recent version for long. We will be once again including the latest version of InstallShield in our next release (before the end of the year). If you wouldn't mind sharing, what new features or enhancements in the most recent InstallShield release do you find interesting from an AdminStudio perspective?

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your reply and apologies for my late reply. I was interested in the Auto Update feature but after checking the details it would not be as useful to us as I first thought as we make use of mainly vendor supplied setups and don't produce many of our own built installers.

Best regards