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Admin Studio 2020 Application Creation

Hello Team,

When we create an Application with the duplicate name using the SCCM console, it doesn't allow and throws error (Screenshot attached, 'Duplicate name error.png').

But when we try to create an Application with duplicate name using the Admin Studio 2020, it does create a duplicate entry on SCCM.

Can you please confirm if this is a bug in Admin studio 2020 tool ? if it is a bug can you confirm in which release will this be fixed ?
if not a bug, can you help me understand why do we have this feature when Microsoft doesn't recommend ?

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This would appear to be an oversight on the  part of Microsoft that they are not performing this uniqueness check when programmatically adding a package as they do when interactively adding one. We'll see if we can perform a manual check to catch this ourselves as an enhancement in the future. In the meantime, we recommend you avoid publishing duplicate names as it may lead to unforeseen issues. 

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