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Aborting mid sequence

Without using InstallScript and OnAbort(); is there an alternative way to perform a test mid sequence and abort if required?

I've LaunchConditions working fine before the sequence has begun. I see there is a LaunchCondition within the sequence but any conditions entered here have no effect.

I have also noticed a Standard Action called PreventInstall but again no conditions effect this. Also there is no documentation/help anywhere about this action.

Can anyone help?
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Hi Mark,

PreventInstall is nicely documented, isn't it?
I don't think it is actually used.

You could just move LaunchConditions further down the sequence, but this InstallShield article shows how to use a VBScript custom action instead:

I finally have got around to trying this and works a treat! Does exactly what I want to.
PreventInstall is confusing and is as much use as signs on the moon.

Thanks Marco!